Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Road Trip To Biarritz and the Waves And Wheels Event

I jumped in the van and picked up Conrad and Paul and off we went. Took the big, 24 hour ferry from Portsmouth to Santander in Spain. After that it was a short 250km hop to Biarritz. So a weekend of sun, bikes, friends, good food, beer and the beach then. Vincent and the other Southsiders worked really hard to make sure everything went according to plan, in a French sort of way if you know what I mean. Good times indeed. Only low point was running out of gas on a brand new, borrowed, Ducati Monster miles from anywhere. I was wondering what that yellow light on the dash panel was all about.
Chimay next bruv's.


  1. That looks super nice! Love it.

  2. The Dice Van is looking fine, what a dream of a summer you appear to be having. Love the Umbrella in the C Type and the van in the back round. Did you get a ride ? Thanks for the photos.