Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Mess Around.

It feel amazing to have 'Thunder Road Pickle Dog Cat' back on the road. It was down for a few weeks because it needed to have both heads pulled off so that the valve cover bolts on the top could be helicoiled. Most of them were stripped, hence not being able to tighten down the valve covers, leading to lots of oil pissing out. Thankfully my man Kiyo helped me out with it all and while we were at it, it was was the perfect chance to paint the barrels gloss black, put the M74B Linkert back on and fit a pair of nicely polished CCE finned valve covers. Thanks to my good friend Mike at OLD-STF for coming to my rescue with the fantastic valve covers!! If you want a pair just like these OG Custom Cycle Engineering covers, or other neat parts, check out their website for more goodies.
Ps. The Linkert looks great...but now my bike is slow as hell.


  1. Unreal, sweet as, the covers are a brilliant choice, one super tidy scoot . . . even if it's slow, just lets people ogle longer. Great job, be stoked.

  2. She quite a lady.

    Good posture.

    Good looks. etc etc.

    What do you say we use some of that gusto to get her done and pretty and throw it towards the never ending saga of Sweet Dick Willy?

  3. Hey, I know this sounds weird but I saw an old post you had about a book called, the anatomy of the modern motorcycle and I wanted to print out a page in a large poster size like the dissection frog posters from high school. Any chance you could scan a few pages and send them to me and I could print one poster size for you.


    finding mr smith -at- hot mail . com

  4. Your oily motorcycles are messing up the sidewalk!!!