Saturday, January 26, 2013

More We Are The Mods

Again, London spring 1979.
Me and Chinner mucking about. Ladbroke Grove.

Myself, Paul Robertson and Emmett. The Ship pub, Hammersmith.

Emmett, Sue, John Coney and yours truly. The Ship pub, Hammersmith.


  1. Mate, you're the coolest fucker I know.


  2. the WHO are doing a Quadrophenia show at the staples centre in LA on the 30th of January...
    seems like you'd be a real bellboy to miss it lol

  3. The Pendle Valley Scooter Club had their clubhouse near our house and I used to go look at their scooters, they were all wild 70s jobs, they wore giant flared trousers this was around 76-78, they went down to the Quadrophenia shoot but none of their rides were used because they weren't period perfect.
    We made a Super 8 spoof of the film called Chimpernania which still exists, we were punk rockers your sworn enemies.

    1. You still wear flares like that don't you mate? hahaha
      Funnily enough most of us London mods were ex punks, it was the skinheads who were the sworn enemy. Lots of fighting with those wankers.

  4. I used to wear those flares and big platform shoes, six button waistbands they had, it took ages to put em on and take em off.
    I gotta get my Vespa Primavera running, it's been sitting for years.