Friday, January 18, 2013

Miss You.

The only car I have ever regretted selling. I owned this blinding '55 in London about 9 years ago while working a proper job. Got it off ebay with one of those buy it now deals, it was a really good price. Dean, Conrad, Julian and myself picked the car up in Santa Monica and drove it to Vegas to see Burt Baccarat before getting it shipped to the UK. We actually ran an article on that trip in issue 5 of Dice. Custom Car in England put it on the cover too. It was eventually sold to Runar in Norway because I just couldn't afford to keep it. He has looked after the Chevy really well and drives it all the time, good work my friend. He just emailed over these pages from Norway's 'USA Cars' magazine. I'm going to cry a little bit now ok.


  1. Oh yeah, great to see it still lives, always a win when something goes to a good home. Keep the home tires burning.