Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Big Born Free 5 News??!!!

Dear Mike Davis & Gront Peterson,
My name is Dean Micetich and I would love to see better bands at Born Free to really jazz up the atmosphere.
If you were already thinking that but didn't know which hip groups are up for performing, may I suggest a hot rockin' band from Tallahassee, Florida.
They are Christian I think so it would be a great way to bring bikes and religion together. Not only that but the singer has a really cool way of singing. He never says any word with an 'S'...instead he says them with an 'SH' it's incredible!
EG: "With Armshhh Wide Orpen."
Anyways, they are brilliant and I vote Creed & Born could call the show 'Born Freed'? Did you see there what I did there? I combined the words.
Anyways, just an idea.
Your biggest fan in the whole wide world,
Biker Dean.


  1. Very cool but you think he could dodge fireballs from heaven in real life?

  2. thats "barn freed"- hail satan

  3. Who was that terrble band that was into golf and sang with that. Hrreuuugh way throat singing shit that you hate?

    1. They were into Golf? Pearl Jam? That bastard started that whole crappy singing style.