Monday, April 9, 2012

Mullins Chain Drive.

I spent this past weekend in Nor.Cal with some good friends and I finally got to go and check out the Mullins Chain Drive & Harolds Iron Works shop space. It's an amazing place...if I wasn't so hungover and useless I would have thought about taking some time though right?! Anyways my long lost Russian brother, Brandon, is expertly handling the (slight) un channeling of my Deuce 3 window and making all new floors amongst various other things. In 1968 some slack jawed yokels channeled it 9 inches in the front and about 7 in the back. We decided to go back with how the car looked in 1959...channeled so the bottom of the body sits flush with the bottom of the frame, hood tops and full length '32 Ford grille shell. The car also got it's 283 pulled out in favor of a supercharged 1955 331 Cadillac OHV and 4 speed manual transmission, just like it had in the late '50s.

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