Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DicE & Fat Boy Clothing.

F.B.C & DicE from Fat-Boy Clothing on Vimeo.

Fat Boy Clothing is owned by our good friends Larry & Charles Niehues, 2 brother from France. They make really nice T shirts that are hand made, hand dyed and hand printed all in the USA.
We teamed up to make a very limited run of vintage style shirts.
They made only 20 of these shirts! 5 of each size! When they are gone they are gone, they will not be re-printed.
Obviously there are people who disagree with a T shirt that is $59 and we can totally understand that, but these are not made in China and not one T shirt is the same due to them being hand dyed/printed...and there is only 20 in the world!
Get one...HERE.


  1. Fat Boy Clothing t-shirts look great but they don't make them for us fat boys....that is sooooo french!!

  2. Sorry Gav!
    If it makes you feel better...they don't make one small enough for my skinny arse either.