Thursday, April 26, 2012

Black Skulls

Over in Hackney in the East End of London (If you are not from England then that's where the Cockneys come from my old china. Just like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins in fact) two mates got together and turned a couple of manky lock ups into a clubhouse of sorts. Drew and Reino got fed up with nowhere to wrench on bikes, hang out, talk about ignition timing and drink beers so this is what they came up with. All their friends come over and stay for hours fixing broken bikes and generally sit around swigging on a cold one and talking. It's situated on a fairly busy street in what is rapidly turning into a bit of a hipster neighbourhood. Lots of fit birds walking round then. On any given evening, if the weather is agreeable, you will find something going on down there. It's well worth a visit. Next time someone tells you there is nothing going in London tell them to piss off.


  1. Good going.
    I give that nice collection of hanging spanners a fortnight, at the outside, before one is missing in action, though. G

  2. Is it open to public? Do they sell stuff? That place is suddenly making the East End look like the cooler side of town. Would definitely love to check out their dig sometime..!