Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kat's Rage Erupts As Tensions Rise...

...It's a happy week for EastEnders' Kat and Alfie as their young son is christened. But Ronnie returns and immediately opens up wounds for Kat and Jack especially. Also in Albert Square, Ian and Jane are at each other's throats and Jack is trying to work through his feelings for Ronnie.


  1. Can we get a Lark Rise Recap?

    Will Squire Timothy ever return?

    Or is Dorkus destined to a life of sorting mail and spinsterhood

    Inquiring Yanks Want To Know!!!

  2. Dorkus has fled in search of fulfilment leaving lovely Laura turning to laudanum for respite. Minny is grief stricken and has started to self harm while we will not speak of those abominable Pratt sisters.
    Twister is a slave to drink as usual leaving Queenie to write a nice poem then organise a village fete to bring love and harmony back to Candleford.
    Coro ?

  3. So no Dorkus showing Laura the sapphitic ropes?

    Damn you BBC!!!