Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting The Flu Is Bad??

So I went to the doctors today because I was feeling a bit dodgy. When he heard my symptoms...fever, burning eyes, sore throat, dizziness etc...he asked how the hell I had driven myself there? I told him... "I'm used to it mate, I drink a lot and get fantastic hangovers." As I said this I gave him 2 shaky thumbs up and my best douchebag smile, showing lots of teeth. He didn't laugh. He told me to go home straight away and not drink for 10 days. I thought he hated me...

...Obviously not! follow up with PCP!!! He didn't say anything about crazy mind altering drugs and I should have known from his center part hair cut that he was a secret Rocker.

On a side note...I went ahead and tested out the best hangover cure anyway, seeing as this flu thingy is so similar. I saw this food again about 4 minutes after I took this photo. so, YES it's exactly the same as a hang over.
P.s. Mum! I need a hug!

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  1. Double Cheeseburger, the beef and cheese is better than Tamiflu.