Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Free Kustom Cycles. Spain.

This is our friend Marcos's place. It is a small custom motorcycle shop in a small town about 20 clicks outside Barcelona. Marcos, and his amigo Oscar, are responsible for the Speedfest, a large 2 day car and motorcycle extravaganza that takes place once a year not far from his shop. Now for us luckily enough to be living in the UK and the USA customising a bike is not that difficult as far as the law and certain restrictions go. Yeah ok, we might have to add a mirror or a horn to a stretched out panhead chopper, and a local cop in a your home town might also be a dick and want to bust you every time you take it out for a spin, but on the whole we can pretty much get away with a lot. That is not the case in most countries in Europe however, Spain being one of them. The rules are strict and enforced rigidly by over zealous police and arsehole politicians all trying to make a name for themselves. However there is always a way, and isn't it great that places like Marcos's exist? To throw 2 fingers (1 if you're American) up to the powers that be, to chop up whatever he can get his hands on and sidestep any short sighted laws that are continually spewing out of the Hague. He is not alone either, shops like his are alive and well all over the globe, with new ones opening up all the time. Fight The Power!!

FKC= "Free your mind, Kustomize your life, Chopperize your bike" Cheers Marcos my brother.


  1. Thank so much for your words my brothers !!!
    I'm anxious to see you again and enjoy your wonderful company !!!
    F.D.D.F !!!