Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Angel's BBQ

Did I mention yet that Savannah is right up there as one of the best cities I have visited in the USA so far? No? well it is. And this might just be the best BBQ I have ever eaten too. Now I am by no means an expert, I have had it in Texas, NC, Alabama and oddily enough Glendale, CA. I'm from London, the closest we have is a Walls banger cooked over some crap charcoal so it's burnt black on the outside and raw on the inside. Anyways, Angel's is nothing like that. It's tucked away on a small side street. Andrew and his missus, Aileen live upstairs, they own, cook and run the place. Andrew is a BBQ nerd and font of all BBQ knowledge. He told me a ton of BBQ facts that I knew nothing about. He makes all his own sauces and in different styles too, 2 types of NC and 4 types of Texas style among others. He also does his own one off specials every now and then which are really popular. Zombie Blood being a local favourite. And the sides! the Greens with peanuts, yummy! It's all bloody delicious let me tell you. Check out the Angel's website for up coming events.

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