Monday, November 22, 2010

Vegas Baby

Just got back, I'm knackered. What a great weekend. The party was a very good time indeed and a really large turn out despite the weather. Dino's was the perfect bar. Many thanks to Brent and the Vegas crew for that. The karaoke was a brilliant addition to a Dice party. It's true, people like to sing when they have had a few drinks, no matter how badly. And of course then there was the nights band 'The Hardcopy Rebels', what the hell, totally awsome! They're playing at the next party in LA on January 22, so be there or be square.

I intended to take a whole load of pictures, I really did. However that never happened for some reason, these few crap ones is all I have.

The Hardcopy Rebels say "We'll put our entertainment in you" I'm pretty sure they have something to do with BA Moto

And these are some random Las Vegas pics.

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