Tuesday, November 30, 2010

24,669 Parts Are Go

I have been running a marvelous dual cam front brake from W&W Cycle on my panhead for sometime now. A few people have been trying to get more info on these bad boys without much luck due to the language barrier, getting hold of a catalog, shipping etc etc. However that will soon all be a thing of the past. W&W now have everyone of their 24,669 parts available online. Ok well not just yet, it goes live on December 1st. Wolfgang says "Parts, parts, and more parts for all vintages and all models for Harleys®: new, old, customs, baggers, dragsters, museum pieces and everything in between. From the tiniest bolt to complete engines everything down to the last washer will be living HERE" he's not wrong.


  1. You can buy them online from the place that MAKES them 45 parts depot here