Wednesday, November 24, 2010

For Sale

My bike.

I have found a great project that I really can't let go, I need some wonga. So in a nutshell. Stock unmolested original 1950 wishbone frame (no rake). 1972 88inch rebuilt stroker shovelhead motor. Rebuilt Morris magneto. Reconditioned stock polished heads and rocker boxes. New barrels and pistons. 6" over 39mm shaved front end. Rebuilt Sporty drum. 21" Borrani rim. Old chopper headlight. Pangea bars. Narrowed Sporty tank. Amazing Sonny boy paint job. Super E carb. Old chopper aircleaner. Calebs Cro Customs mid controls and Taillight. (In fact Caleb did most of the work on the bike, I held the spanners and drank his beer, good times) Original AEE sissybar and Triumph ribbed fender. Superior mufflers and upsweeps. West Eagle seat. Vintage P pad. Original stock chrome horseshoe oil tank. Belt drive. New clutch. Rebuilt 4 speed. Akront 18" rear rim and juice brake. Clear CA HD 1972 title. Runs great, very fast. I'm sheading a tear right now, this bike and I have had many adventures. Worldwide shipping no problemo. For more info

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