Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wheels And Waves Exhibition Set Up Day. Biarritz, France.

Last weekend saw the 5th Wheels and Waves event in the town of Biarritz on the French south west coast, the town is only but a stones throw from the Spanish border. Its a great place, all sort of 1920's Agatha Christie French Riviera. Add a healthy surf culture to the mix and you have a unique and interesting town. The show takes place over 4 days, there is an art and motorcycle exhibition in an amazing building that saw some late night parties too. Some very rare, exotic machinery was loaned out by the BMW museum too. Over on the other side of Biarritz is a lighthouse, this was the main meeting place for the two big rides of the weekend. It was also where the vendors were located along with late night music and again, more partying. Both places were open to public over the 4 days. Thursday was the informal surf contest, boards were loaned out and a lot of people got involved. Friday was a 50km ride out to the nearest mountain over the Spanish border. The organisers, Vincent and his bike club, The Southsiders, managed to get permission to close down a half mile section of mountain road for 5 hours next to some old ruins. That's where the racing took place, it was a great spectacle. 2 bikes at a time raced the far from straight road in a sort of drag/street competition. They managed to get a dj up there too with a PA who played records out of his modified VW bus. Throw in free beers and a BBQ and you had the perfect afternoon. Saturday was the 250km ride out over yet more stunning mountain roads in France and again Spain. A very relaxed day if you don't count some sections of road that where pretty challenging, I was very kindly loaned a Guzzi Eldorado for the time I was there, a great machine for sure but it didn't like to be pushed around the twistys too much. So much fun it was. One or two gits on Cafe racers cutting you off on tight bends too was not cool either, dicks, However, apart from that it was yet another perfect day with no particular time to be anywhere. The final icing on the cake on the Sunday was a free brunch in a bar/cafe around a pool in the sunshine. Man, what a fantastic time it was. More pics coming soon.

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  1. Hi my Brother ! you are welcome next year and I will get a faster ride for you !
    Next edition will be an invitational ....