Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Issue 56 - TheCycle Zombies Issue. Out Now.

Brought to you in association with the Cycle Zombies. Chock a block full of cool bikes, sexy people and stunning photography. The print smells really good too. Also in this issue you will find the very first print version of Bleached magazine.
This issue is dedicated to our close friend Larry Pierce from Garage Co Customs in Alabama, who passed away just before we went to print. RIP brother, you will be sadly missed.

Todd Blubaugh has pretty much lived on this motorcycle for 2 years. He has put so many miles zig-zagging his way across America he can't even tell us how many it is. On his journey he visited many family and friends...and made lots of new ones along the way.
Photo: Brian Bowen Smith.

Have you ever seen a sexier CX500? Nope, neither have we.
Photo: Path Thirteen.

Michael Barragan is a very good friend. He recently scraped me off the road and took my bike home after I wrecked on Hollywood Blvd.
Photo: Cassandra Wages.

Taylor is part of the Stopnik family and has this righteous 1977 HD Shovelhead chopper.
Pic: Drew Martin.

The Cycle Zombies. Surfing, skating, riding choppers is a lifestyle for them, not a hobby.
A proper family with good values and great style!

"Anyone can make a Panhead look good. They look good straight from the factory that's why! Unbolt a few parts, add a wassell tank and wham! Making an Evo sporty look sexy and stylish, now that's a little harder and takes someone with a good eye and talent!"
Me - June 2014.
Pic: Troy Critchlow.

Robins 80 Inch Knucklehead by Nicke Svensson.

Sportster Knee: An overextended knee caused by attempting to kick start an Ironhead Sportster. A bike that was notorious for high compression, and kicking back when attempting to start. Young punks these days don't know how good they got it, and shouldn't knock anyone who's ever owned an old XLCH. 
Photo: Scott Toepfer

When he's not surfing, skating or clowning, he is posing in photography studios on his bike.
Scotty Stopnik and his '69 Gen-Shovel.
Photo: Derek Bahn.

BSA = Bloody Sore Arse. 
Alan's 1947 XB.

Analog Run - 2013.

Mark Choiniere does us proud as always with these great shots of Damon and his Evo Sporty.
Photo: Mark Choiniere.

His nickname is 'David'.
Photo: Jack Belli.

3rd and final part of 'How to make a gas tank' by Mullins Chain Drive.
Pic: Ken Nagahara.

These birds are not mingers.
Photo: Mandy Lyn.

Our mate Fynn is a bad MoFo. He rides this fantastic Shovelhead chopper in Germany where it is totally illegal to do so, and he is the singer/guitar player in the mighty 'Picturebooks'. Not only that but look how good looking he is with that beard!

Available right H E R E!

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