Monday, June 9, 2014

Paris. 9am.

Here I am lucky enough to be spending some time in one of the worlds great cities. Tonight is the European Dice issue 56 release party but before that we are having a 50 km ride around Paris. It was raining cats and dogs at 8am this morning but by the time everyone took off at about 10 the skies had cleared. A great turn out despite the weather. Good coffee and very nice people too. It doesn't get much better that this. In France if you are going on a ride with more than 7 bikes you have to inform the police, they will then either allow the ride or not. If they do indeed agree they supply a couple of outriders. Today was just that with the exception of two plain clothes cops in cars thrown in for good measure. What a complete waste of the taxpayers money. Politicians, no matter what country, are a collection of overpaid, ignorant, underachieving arseholes!
It must be said that most people here don't bother to inform the cops if they are going on a ride with a group of people, the basic attitude being 'fuck that!' which I applaud wholeheartedly. However because of the large numbers today and the fact that the cops have nothing better to do, being a national holiday today, than arresting bikers in groups of over 7, Filo thought it prudent to do the right thing. By the way, all of this is thanks to that man. Filo, you are a star!


  1. God...

    I miss Paris...

    Why did I come back to Boston (?!?)

  2. VerY CooL run today !!!!! Thanks DicE !!!!!

  3. thx matt ! more pix at the fb event page : dice party in paris !

  4. hmm, french bureaucrats...they are very innovative. more bikes than 7 needs a police escort. sick, haha.