Thursday, August 15, 2013

Issue 51 Out Now And It's A Doozie.

Dice issue 51 in collaboration with Wes Lang. It's big, It's bold and it's meaty and it's out now! 


Wes doing what he does best. pic: Michael Schmidt.

This issue comes with a Riders magazine insert. Riders is a very cool mag from Italy. We are big fans.

Man Boy Wolf.
pic: Troy Critchlow.

pic: Lanakila MacNaughton.

pic: Sam Christmas.

The Haints Dopjo.
pic: Jacob Falls.

Jay Shapiro.
pic: Michael Schmidt.

pic: Sebastian Skiba.

Love Cycles Campout.
pic: Jose Gallina.


pic: Troy Critchlow.

Bill Buckingham.

pic: Pamela Leon.

pic: Dutchmman Photos.

Flying Monkey Fabrication.

Steve Rebuck.
pic: David C Vollmer.

Skid Row Chopperfest.
pic: Michael Schmidt.

At last!! issue 51 has finally arrived! I think it is one of the best we have ever done, we hope you guys feel the same way too. All USA and Rest Of World subscriptions went out yesterday. All European subs will hopefully be going out in the next couple of days. What we do is ship a large bulk order of mags to the UK and then mail them out from London. That way we can keep the mailing costs down. However this particular shipment has been help up in UK customs, UK customs are a complete bunch of wankers, while they try and figure out if we have stuffed the magazines full of cocaine or such like. Sorry for the delay and thank you for being patient, next issue we will find a better way I promise.
Having said all that you can buy single issues or indeed subscriptions right H E R E right now!

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