Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dean Smoking Speed Metal Panhead.

Dean: Man, what is in this shit, man?
Dave: Mostly Maui Waui man, but it's got some Labrador in it.
Dean: What's Labrador?
Dave: It's dog shit.
Dean: What?
Dave: Yeah, my dog ate my stash, man.
Dean: Yeah?
Dave: I had it on the table and the little motherfucker ate it, man. Then I had to follow him around with a little baggie for three days, man, before I got it back. Really blew the dog's mind, ya know?
Dean: You mean we're smokin' dog shit, man?
Dave: Gets ya high, don't it?
Dean: Uhhh, I wonder what Great Dane tastes like, man.

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