Sunday, February 10, 2013

See See Coffee & Motorcycles.

Thor Drake got hold of an old run down building in NE Portland and turned it into the See See Coffee and Motorcycle shop. It's a fantastic place. It really works, outside you will find rows of modern sport bikes, 60's Honda cafe racers, Harley Choppers, dirt bikes. baggers, and everything else in between. Inside is a shop selling clothing, wallets, tools etc and a parts store. A lot of people buy parts from here rather than ebay etc in order to support the shop and also put back into the city too, Portland is like that. Then there is the coffee shop itself, a very warm, friendly place to hang out, not only do they serve great coffee but beer and some food too. Man every city should have somewhere like this. More info right H E R E


  1. Thor is a great guy. When my old Triumph broke down awhile back, he pulled up while I was cursing at it and said his shop was a block away and I was welcome to use anything I needed. He is a man of high character...

  2. Great idea, would love something like that in the UK