Monday, December 10, 2012

The Chopperfest.

Another great So Cal day. This show gets better every year and last year's was excellent so.......

Paul's oh so gorgeous Knuck. Coming soon to the pages of my favourite magazine.


  1. Some great posts guys, Cali winter's don't look so bad.

  2. "Among human beings jelousy ranks distincly as a weakness;
    a trade mark of small minds,
    a property of all small minds
    yet a property wich even the smallest is ashamed of.
    And when accused of it;s possesion will lyingley deny it and resent,
    the accusation as an insult"Quote"Mark Twain.
    Just Saying it,s fucking cold er ar lad!!

  3. damn... really kicking ourselves for not making it this year, but it just wasn't in the cards :-(