Monday, December 10, 2012

Speed-E-Shift Dragracing Prototype / Rigid Hips Stockholm


  1. My dear Ikea,sempre numero due.
    Ota ku legge.

  2. Very interesting,from the back it looks just like the one on my bike.My dad, Mel Allen built at least 3 of these I know of.I wonder if this could be one of them.He built his first in the 50's,went to the drags and blew some minds. He liked panheads and built 3 with the speede on each one. I still have his last one, the speede still works great and I thank him every time I go for a ride, he died 18 months ago,I miss him.Put it on your bike you will dig it.Kimr

    1. That's fantastic, please email me and I'll get you detail pictures of it.