Monday, October 15, 2012

NOS Back Issues.


 New old stock. I found these in a box in a cupboard at my mums apartment in London. These issues sold out yonks ago. 5 sets of each only. Brand new unread condition. We are selling them in packs of threes.

3 Pack. Issues 13, 14 & 15 from 2007.

#13. Grant Peterson's cover photo of Tim O'Keefe.

#14. Max Grundy's now famous front cover.

#15. Andy Warhol inspired. We wanted to have an issue come in a soap powder style box. Emily Frye designed the box and Caleb Owens drew the magazine cover art,

 3 Pack. Issues 18, 19 & 20 from 2008.

#18. Marty Thorpe's 1974 photo of the bike he built in '72.

#19. Conrad Leach's 3 Christs Easter cover.

#20. Dan Collin's cover. This is the one where some people got confused and though we had put the price of the magazine up to $38.00.

I have always loved all of the covers we have done without exception. These 6 are right up there with my favourites. Man, looking at them again, I am so glad we dropped that stupid bloody barcode. We would get all this great art and photos and then have to ruin it with that thing.
Get them while they last right H E R E

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