Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Trip Out Pt.1

Now this was something really rather special. We have been to some great events this year and have enjoyed them all, however The Trip Out was the icing on the cake. What an amazing weekend. Great location, the best people ever, fantastic music, a shit ton of bikes and cars and to cap it all off, perfect weather. I'm actually finding it quite hard to sum it all up. I guess you know when it's just been one of those weekends when you wake up Monday morning and you feel flat and a little sad that it's all over. Yup, The Trip Out blues. Basically if you don't go next year then, well, you better have a bloody good excuse.


  1. Fantastic . . . just another reason to have the 'living too far away from the shit I love blues'. Dean, I'm in love with your bass player, wow !!

  2. Great missed it got a good exit though! Oi! WLP yo just want to get in her pants admit It ,Love my ass!

  3. twas fantastic weekend.. with fantastic people .. in a fantastic place.. with fantastic weather .etc etc etc.......