Wednesday, September 19, 2012

6OVER / Loser Machine / Kick Start Cycles Winners!

We want to thank all of you that took the time to submit photo's for a chance to win the last 4 tickets available for the 6OVER premier this Friday night, the 21st of September at the Indie Screen Theatre. It was tough to make a final decision but here are the two winners.....

Peter submitted this photo from his spot in Germany as he was packing to leave for Brooklyn this week and figured out not everything was going to make it with him. A pair of tickets goes to him for making the long distance trek over and this submission.....

So I clicked open an e mail from Craig and didn't quite know how to feel, I still don't ....... Craig, you look like you could use a tune up my good man and for that we have a pair of tickets for you as well. See you Friday night!

With all the requests Walter got for tickets to 6OVER he carved out some lobby space, bar and some flat screens to offer some of you that didn't grab tickets a spot to hang out and see the movie. After the screening make sure to hit the street and walk on over to the DicE party at the Gutter Bar. Do not sleep on the Brooklyn Invitational, it's going to be a great night Saturday as well. See you out there!


  1. Well done peter have a great time over there.

  2. thanks Andrew !!!!
    everytjhing works perfect till today the weather is fine friendly people all around, so nothing to complain..... ;-)
    hope u and you girl are fine and as soon as I'm back we can meet to talk & so on.....

    ride free & wild



  3. Sounds good your welcome cu when you get back all the best.Greets to your girlfriend :-D...