Thursday, September 27, 2012

R.I.P. Ian.

Just got the news from Michael Schmidt that his friend Ian from Encinitas, california passed away last night. So tragic and so sad. Our love goes out to his family and friends. We actually just laid out the Epic photo shoot a couple of days ago that Michael shot with him and his friends Ralf and Chris for issue 47. I never even met you and I miss you already my friend. "Ian Barry, aka Poods, was a brother to everyone. Loved life and his friends. Just wanted to ride choppers. I never met anyone who didn't like this kind soul. He will be missed forever...1969 forever! "Less Technology and More Nature." By Julia Heit.


  1. So gnarly, I'd seen him around on that killer sportster but just met him for the first time this last Sunday at the Long Beach swap...heavy.