Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Keino makes these 'Tweaky' S&S idle and accelerator pump replacement adjusting screw doodads. He sent us a pair. They look great, sort of Linkert style and of course you can adjust them by hand. No more fiddling about with a screwdriver while sitting at the lights. However I run a Linkert on my pan and Dean uses an SU so I passed them on to Troy to road test. Here is what he says

troy to Matt, Matt
show details 2:09 PM (4 hours ago)
"2min install - Look way better than the old screws, can tweak them with your fingers now and no screwdriver necessary. Upgrade!"

well there you have it. As we all know Keino certainly knows his shit. And is a good bloke too. See you in September bruv.

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