Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Team Kane. Mid Ohio.

"I love this track. the sweeping fast right handers.... better than sex"

"how do you feel about sidecar racing?"
"uh - it rules?"

".......so ... this is funny... day one of racing it was raining cats and dogs. ivan and i come in off our hot lap and into grid position to find that none of the other racers were gridded up... i guess a lot of spinning, throwing monkeys from the rig etc caused them to say fuck it, we're not racing. Ivan and I said, fuck, let's fucking race anyway! fairbanks and about six other rigs said yes too. what a blast. it was like slip and slide, 100-mile-an-hour go-carts.

.....we placed 2nd.

.....day two, the rig in front of us had a major flip into a right hander, the monkey never committed to the turn... and we placed third.

....turns out no one placed on both days of racing so we won grand national champion. mind blowing"
Jess. Team Kane. Yay. xxxxx

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