Sunday, August 7, 2011

Broken Down On The Road Again

Troys belt snapped. 25 miles outside Fresno. 40 miles to the campground in Kings Canyon.


  1. That's the worst. has happened to me.

    Love your blog guys, you probably have seen this guy on your travels but I thought you would appreciate the sentiments. There is freedom on the open road, you can smell it in the wind on your face. from duncan warth down under.

  3. You can feel it in the gravel on your back waitng for the truck to pick you up as well but not quite as strong, ha ha ha. All is good when you have your mates, Love your work guys !

  4. That looks so hot. Not in a sexy way. In a 40 miles from a beer and it's really hot and you're on holiday hot way.
    Hope you at least had a nice jazz cigarette to get you through.

  5. that`s no so bad when you are with your friends and more than half of them can run their own m/c shop. and besides, caleb has some cold beer stashed somewhere on his bike.....wish i was there.....