Monday, August 11, 2014

Get Monkey

So you have this beautiful island in the Mediterranean sea off the coast of Spain, Barcelona is a 7 hour ferry ride away, with amazing scenery and weather. Then a bunch of the nicest blokes on the planet who call Mallorca home get together once a year and throw what is basically a big party in the town of Alaro. Custom bikes, cars and scooters come from all parts of the island and the mainland to take part.Throw in the mix 13 bands, djs, tattoo artists, a swimming pool, photography exhibition, custom painted roller skate display and a skate park and you have the perfect event. Sometime around 2pm the pool is cleared of people and a ramp is set up on the coping. A motor pulled from a crashed modern Vespa is set up with a tow rope and for 2 hours a motely crew of skateboarders, roller skaters, inline people, bmx riders and kids on those push along scooter things get tugged airborne by an over reving 2 stroke engine. Some go way to high and only just manage to hit the water and were in danger of flying off into the adjacent field. The show itself ran from 12 midday to 12 midnight and was a very relaxed affair as only the Spanish can do. The icing on the cake was the fact that the town of Alaro was also having it's yearly fiesta the same weekend so everyone left the show when it finished and went drinking and dancing and letting off fireworks in the town square till the wee small hours. A bloody fantastic time it was. The Monkey Roll Fest is happening again next year too. Just saying.

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