Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mini Shop Tour.

When I say mini I mean not far, mostly Hollywood but these tours take time y'know. Last week we got to the office, turned on the computers and sat there ready to start the day. Sometimes the creative juices are just not flowing as well as they should. The sun was shining, the bikes were sitting outside, so we downed tools, grabbed our helmets and went on a tour of our friends shops, mostly new places that have just opened up. it seems everyone is opening stores these days, the more the merrier I reckon. If you manage to get to LA for a visit then here is a quick guide.

First stop was Guisados Tacos on W Sunset in Echo Park for breakfast. The sampler plate is always fantastic, apart from the well dodgy Pork fat one.


Across the street from Guisados is Al and Brittany's Blackboard Cafe. They make their own line of clothes by hand out the back which sit side by side with vintage clothing and bike parts in the front of the store. Still a little to do to get it finished but they are so close. It has a great vibe with plenty of sidewalk parking if you're on a bike. If not, why not?!

A couple of miles down Sunset towards Hollywood proper is Koske's Chopper Fever. He has been after this place for about 5 years (his bike workshop is in the alley round the back) and has now finally talked the landlord into letting him have it. It's small at the moment but right now he is building a large section in the rear which should be finished pretty soon. Again this place is filled with some cool vintage garments and some Chopper Fever gear too.

Heading further west on your two wheeled freedom machine, turning left off Sunset and then a right after a couple of miles onto Melrose you arrive at Yaniv's Powerplant Choppers. He has had the old shop around the back for years, workshop and store sitting neatly in the alley. Both always look great and are stuffed full of some very interesting stuff. Up on Melrose itself he has just managed to sign the lease on a double fronted store front that is pretty bloody big. Empty as of our visit but soon, along with Roland Sands, it should be all decked out and up and running. Park in the alley at the shop and take some time to look around.

Moving still further west down Melrose a couple of miles is the new Great Frog LA flagship store. While they still have a large stock and presence in Tri Co, this place is for the high end big spenders who shop in that part of town. Reino did an amazing job refurbishing the gaff.

Finally cut across to Santa Monica Blvd and pull up on the sidewalk outside Thunder Road Motorcycles. An older establishment that has been here ever since I can remember. Well worth a look and good if you need some oil or something after this long exhausting day.
Well that's it for now, don't forget to add Tri Co to your tour. Come and say hello, we are always there.....erm.......


  1. It was wicked checking out the updates on instaphlegm, except for seven thousand miles I was almost there . . . vile tempters. X

  2. Excellent pictures and words thank you for that...