Friday, March 21, 2014

Finally Going To Have To Let It Go.

Twice over the last 12 months we got close to taking a hand full of cash for our truck but then got cold feet at the last minute and decided not to sell. It's such a great vehicle and we have grown very attached to it. However, with great sadness we now really need to let it go. Run out of places to park and have just too many other projects that are taking up time, money and space. Anyways, here is the ebay spiel

This great truck was originally purchased by the former owner in 1973. He went into his local Chevy dealer, chose the model he wanted including color and all the options, waited awhile for it to arrive then drove it home. Once he got back to his house he pinstriped it himself in a style that was very popular back then on full size east coast trucks. He also added a camper shell and a 12 volt power lead for the bed. He then parked it up in his garage and there it sat. He only used the truck once a year till 2010 for his annual vacation with his wife. He then got to old to drive it and decided to sell. His sons helped him service the truck adding a 4 barrel carb and chrome engine dress up kit and they also removed the camper shell. By then it still only had 57000 miles on the odometer. We flew into New Hampshire and purchased the truck in 2012 (I'm the second owner) and drove it up to Maine to visit friends then back to Los Angeles cross country zig zagging our way down to Nashville, New Orleans, Dallas, Santa Fe, Las Vegas then home. It was such a great trip and she didn't miss a beat. The odometer now shows just 62000 miles and it still runs and drives like a new truck. All I have had to do is replace the mufflers and give it a good service. It has it's original Chevy 350 small block V8 and 350 auto trans, 2 Wheel Drive. Power brakes, bucket seats, wood trim, 8 track, CB radio, truck mirrors, 8 lug American racing mags and dual gas tanks. Some blocks have been added to the rear at some point in its life to raise the back up for that '70's hot rod look, they can easily be removed if you wanted too. The body is very straight with no rust. The bed is in great condition too, all those years in a garage with a camper shell saw to that. This truck has no known issues at all and drives very well. She is super smooth with no rattles or squeaks that you get with older trucks. There is some staining on the lower panel under the passenger side gas cap due to some sloppy tank filling at some point in the past. Other than that the paint is in very good condition with only a couple of stone chips here and there. A real American classic and smog exempt too. I have taken photos showing the truck with and without the truck mirrors so you get an idea of how it looks both ways. Come and have a test drive, she's a beauty. $8500.

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