Friday, January 17, 2014

New Kustom Tech Wheel & Brake.

Just got an email from our friends at Kustom Tech in Italy showing us their new 21 inch wheel with a mini front drum brake and it's beautiful! The brake itself is built from cast iron which helps with the shoe friction and aids better stopping power. In the center of the drum there are 4 fins, that help with cooling and look bloody brilliant too. The inside of the drum is CNC machined to guarantee a perfect match with the shoes. The two side covers are made from aluminum, inside the left cover there are the shoes (diametral shoes 5"-1/8"). The complete brake is drilled to be assembled with a 40 spoke rim. It is available in chrome finish only and comes with 3/4" bearings.
External size: Width 3"-5/16" external diameter 5"-1/2"
It is available alone, or fully assembled with a Morad rim (Size 21" X 1,85") and stainless steel spokes!
It's a thing of beauty!!

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