Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mooneyes Yokohama HRCS 2013. Set Up Day Part 1:

Well we just got home from another memorable visit to Japan. This was our sixth year at the Mooneyes show and I can honestly say it still stands out as one of the best events the world has to offer. From the fantastic displays of cars and bikes inside the building to the very slick organisation by Shige and the Mooneyes staff. The amazing people who attend and the steady stream of bikes ridden to the event from all parts of the country. 2 large wonderfully over crowded parking lots jammed with bikes that make my heart ache. It's really hard to sum it all up and if you haven't been before then it's a little tough to grasp what a huge influence current Japanese motorcycle culture is having. I have often heard people bemoaning the fact that all the good stuff is going over there. Well I'm not so sure that is the complete truth. There are only a handful of wealthy men who can afford that all original 1936 knucklehead and the accessories that go with it (which actually do get ridden) Most everyone else has to buy a basket case, a project, or just a motor with a title (if you're lucky) or just some cases and a frame etc etc. They massage them back into life, meticulously maintain and love them and then best of all they get ridden, in all weathers at all times of the year and all over the country. Men and women too. Not that different from other parts of the world really. There is a certain aesthetic which is hard to put your finger on, it's just a Japanese way of looking at things, using influences from all over the globe before adding there own unique twist. It's really just another facet, another part of today's amazing motorcycle culture. We are truly living in a time when it has never been better nor more soulful or more fun to own and ride a bike. Where you are destined to meet the greatest friends you will ever have. Experience moments of breathtaking beauty, peace and an overwhelming feeling of well being. Its all out there on the road no matter what you ride and where you live. Forever Two Wheels my friends.


  1. Yesterday i travelled to Bad salzufen for the custome bike "messe" .Just not the same leage i think as "mooneyes" or maybe a different cliant hard to say perhaps!

  2. Well Put! Already saving for next year.