Monday, December 30, 2013

DicE Barbie.

This is so brilliant, thanks Teru, you are a star!

"Dear Matt, Dean
I'm Teru, living in south of France.
A computer graphic artist sushi chef, originally from Tokyo, Japan. 
These are some photos of my creation I made actually for the 50th issue cover comp, but was too busy rolling sushi, couldn't finish it before the deadline. 
Couple of months has past after I finished, I don't know why but I just didn't feel like showing it to anybody until now. Maybe I was loosing confidence as an artist, or I was already satisfied by completing the art work.
But I start to think it's sad not to share it with people.
So here it is!
A Kustom Tattooed Bxxbie, "DiCE DoLL", or "DiCE GiRL"!!!
Hope you guys like it!
best regards"
Teru Noji

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