Monday, March 19, 2012

Coney Island Style

So I'm browsing through the ebay Harley bikes for sale section while I should be working, as you do, and there's all the usual stuff of course. All original '46 Knuckle with a Jammer frame for $29,000 or a '60 Panhead chopper as seen in Hells Angels 69 that has a DNA springer and twin discs for $30,000, all that kind of old bollocks when Blimey!!! I see this fantastic 1970 full, and I mean full, dresser. So brilliant! See it here. If someone buys this and strips it they deserve a slap.


  1. The Griswolds go biking on the Metallic Beige Queensize Family Huckster . . . love the rear end treatment . . . utterly unique, I hope ???

  2. Couldn't resist coming back for another perve . . . yeah, needs to be sent to the Smithsonian and preserved, untouched for future generations . . . post of the day !!!