Thursday, September 29, 2011

It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This

Friends and riding bikes go together like Donny and Marie, Fish and Chips, Tea and biscuits and Anna Nicole and that old bloke. With that in mind myself, Caleb, Jimmy, Renshaw and Toshi (those last three are the entire cast of the 23bricksforever blog by the way) set off from Brooklyn to ride down to NC for Dean's wedding. We had plenty of time to get there so we had a very loose plan to ride as much of the famed Blue Ridge Parkway as possible. The first day was interstate all the way to Skyline Drive, stopping in Gettysburg for some history. The next 3 days, Skyline then the Parkway, where some of the most epic amazing riding I have ever done in my entire life. I mean just jaw dropping. If you ever get the chance then take it. There is hardly anyone up there, its deserted, lots of wild life though. The usual stupid Deer all over the place of course but also wild Turkeys, Turtles ambling across the empty blacktop and black bears up trees feasting on foliage. And of course mile after mile of perfection. We camped up there too, it really has it all. Lots of crazy things happened to us in lots of crazy places but I reckon that's a whole other story. We got almost as far as Ashville and because we were enjoying it so much overshot our turn off for Eden NC by about 150 miles. We got off the mountain and checked the map. No problem. We just doubled back on ourselves cross country on super smooth roads riding through small towns and farmland and got into Eden with plenty of time to spare. I miss my friends already and that ride will live with me forever.


  1. Just did a week in N.C. Rented a cabin, ate some trout and road the mountains. Pictures can not describe how awesome it is. I recognize that spot in your pic and that view is fucking sick. I made a video of our trip,check it.

  2. You have great collections of pictures. I also love collecting some pictures.... ^_^

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