Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Davide's WOD Part 3

I don't know if anyone remembers the post I did awhile back about our friend Davide in Italy, who has always dreamed of owning his own wall of death? Well just to re cap, he works for low wages in a shoe shop in Milan, has a very supportive wife and a wonderful baby daughter and has been basically saving forever and a day to try and make it happen. The last post showed the wall he purchased in Austria. Here's the latest.

"Ciao Fratello, how are you.
Finally every single piece of my Wall of death motordrome is at my home.
Patience is a great part of me.
Next step , building up in a backyard and ride in it.
Look at the pix.
See you very very soon.
PS: great and funny video of you and Dean drinking that disgusting drink that you damn brit call Tea."

Davide has now rebuilt the motors in the 2 Indian Scouts and has got hold of a 125 Gilera to practice with. This time next year he will be giving up his job and touring Europe. Love it.


  1. This is a story deserving of a documentary, book... or DicE special issue!


  2. great. "giving up his job and touring Europe" I'm envious.
    good luck and have fun