Monday, June 27, 2011

Born Free Three

On route Friday afternoon. This was just after I got off the 5 freeway after splitting lanes for 50 miles through LA's finest Friday afternoon rush hour traffic. Good times ahead fo shure.

Got there late Friday afternoon. Set up day. Jason Craze's fantastic Knucklehead racer.

Cool shit. Yoshis K racer and CB750. Kiyo's knuckle. And I think the other knuck is Mike's. Again Friday afternoon.

The Haints wall climb.

Friday night. BBQ, Margarita's, good friends, some weed and a guy playing an acoustic guitar. A relaxed hippy thang.

Left side.

Show day, the view from our booth. Neto with his girlfriends helmet he just picked up from Paulo of Joe King.

Gen from Japan and that killer gas tank he painted.

Speedmetals Lucas's Viking shift knob.

I am going to apologise straight away. If you're looking for a definitive Born Free blog post then I'm afraid this isn't it. I really tried to take a lot of pics, honest, I really did. However, as last year, it was just so overwhelming. I didn't know where to start. Plus we were super busy. It was an amazing event, just amazing. A great location and so many fantastic bikes. All sorts too, choppers, bobbers, cafes, blobbers, mulobers, robbers etc. It was perfect. Huge props to Mike, Grant and Josh for putting this together. For me on a personal note it made me so happy to see how big today's motorcycle culture has grown, and in a really good way too. Long may it continue. All I would say for that to happen is to keep an open mind. That's all it takes really.
Peace, love, dope.

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  1. I had no idea lane splitting was legal in CA, it was the best part of riding.