Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Show Some Class

We were lucky enough to grab some early pics of Mark's great Triumph before it went on the boat to Yokohama so I did a post right here. A lot of people grabbed some of the pics and used them on their own blogs, we have no problem with that. His sweet bike should be seen by as many people as possible. Now we really don't have the time or the inclanation to be poncing about putting water marks on all our pics. It's the worldwide web and everything is available to everyone. But come on, show a little class, if you use a photo then give some love and acknowledge where you got it from. A lot of folks did, some didn't, naughty naughty.


  1. It's not really that hard?

    have you seen Matt's mustache?!?

    I've been sitting on a a bag of ice and watching lung transplant how-to footage on repeat and still, it's like gunnies on the first day of boot camp - always at attention. were talking about the bike. Right...well then...back to my priapism

  2. Yes, i did...