Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ezequiel Gonzalez

"hello my name is ezequiel i live in argentina i see the magazine by internet i have a fuxking english but iam writing for you can look my bobber this are the fotograf. yours magazine is insane good luck and good life.
my norton is a es2 1948 chopped whit a 16 in the back (hd) and a 21 front i cant describe very well besause i dont speak jajajaja if you have a spanish friend i can talk about the bike man.
some words in spanish.
la revista esta de puta madre espero q les guste mi moto y q les llegue el mail suerte y pura vida una pequeña muestra de lo que se ahce en argentina hay muy buenas motos aca se labura muy bien artesanalmente yo tengo torno y un pequeño taller y las cosas las hacemos en mi casa


  1. Translation:The Magazin is great (Curses)I hope you like my motorcycle and my e-mail gets to you. Good luck and pure life. A little example of what is done in Argentina, there are many here. The work done here is a very artistic craft, I have a lath and a small shop and the things we do in my house. Cheers, eze