Monday, September 27, 2010

Helmet Gone Missing

See this helmet? this is my helmet, in fact let me rephrase that, this used to be my helmet. Our friend Paulo of Joe King Speedshop made me this beauty and then bought it with him to NYC from Brazil, what a splendid fellow, it really is a thing of beauty, a true one off design. Anyway, it went "missing" in Brooklyn, someone "borrowed" it, I would like it back. If you happen to see someone wearing it do me a favour and punch them right in the eye please.


  1. Beautiful,i bought one too; i would have rather stolen it though; Mmmm perhaps it was the one i bought:

  2. free JK tee shirt for information that leads to finding helmet. hehe! I'm not joking.
    btw...someone "borrowed" my dice hat in Manhattan too! That sucks!

  3. "borrowed" huh? You guys are too kind.