Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Showing Off My Shovel

Seeing as this is our blog I'm putting pics of my bike on here 'cos its now finished and I think it looks very lovely of course. Its running great after chewing its way through a kicker gear and clutch basket ( fixed all that over at Calebs shop last Saturday ) on the Pismo Run the other weekend, still made it home though after a fantastic 3 days of riding and camping. I'm not saying mine is the best bike in whole world but really, I am.


  1. Saw that on the JJ. TITS! Love that tail light. How about some more details???

  2. Hey Matt, Lookin' Good Brutha!... Man, that scoot rollin' down the line up the coast was just plain beautiful to see in action.

    It was a pleasure ridin with ya,


  3. trade you my RD400 for it... straight up!