Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Morris mag neat oh

I've had this Morris mag on the bike for quite a few 1000 miles, sweet as a nut, so much better than all that electric bollocks. However, in the pouring rain on the Gypsy Run, lost in CT, map turned to mush, it decided it had had enough and told to me to piss off. I stripped it down as far as I could and found the auto advance and retard had broken in 3 places and the body was cracked. So feet up in front of the fire for a couple of days in the Palisades while I waited for the chase truck to pick me up on the return loop. That top bloke Walter Gemeinhardt ran the busted mag over to Morris in NJ while I was on my way back to the other coast. Anyways, they fixed it, and they fixed it proper like

All the bits, most of which had seen better days

New Bearing and clip

New improved coupling. The auto advance is buried under it.


All finished, lovely. Whats the point in this post I hear you ask, well, get yourself a damn fine Morris mag you tight git.

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