Monday, December 15, 2014

Issue 59 - The Biltwell Issue Release Party & Pre Party!

Issue 59 will be upon us very soon and it is in collaboration with our friends of many years, Biltwell!
I'll never forget the first time met Bill & Magoo. It was on the El Diablo Run #2. We had arrived into San Felipe later than everyone else and the camp ground was already rocking and the alcohol was flowing big time! As soon as we stepped in a guy ran past me with his hair on fire after throwing gasoline onto the bonfire and it went wrong. I thought, "Hell yeah this is going to be wilder than I thought!" I asked Matt who that mental guy was and his response was; "That's Magoo, he's one of the organizers." Holy shit! Turns out I had actually seen Bill too at the same moment, I just didn't know it. Turns out he was the guy running after Magoo taking photos. It's been true love ever since.
We will celebrate the release of this issue this coming Saturday with 2 parties!
Check out the flyers for the pre-party and party party!
We like to party.

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