Friday, November 14, 2014

'55 Chevy 210 Post. Back Then, The Middle Bit and Now.

 Gene and his car back in the day.

 When I owned it in London in 2005.

As it is now in Norway.

I owned this bloody fantastic car in London about 10 years ago now. I bought it in Texas, shipped it to LA, got it registered and drove it around California for a couple of weeks then shipped it back to the UK. I had it for about a year but found it quite a handful on the London streets and in the crap English weather, so I sold it to Runar in Norway. It is still to this day the only car I have ever regretted selling. Runar sends me updates once a year and it always breaks my heart. He has poured a lot of love into it which is a really good thing and I am very happy it went to a good home.....sort of. Runar found some great pics of the car taken back in the day with Gene, it's Texan owner.

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