Thursday, July 31, 2014

From Coker Tires...It's Finally Here!

Yes...the guys at Coker tires have announced that the Firestone 3.00x21 front tire is now available from their website and it's only $127.00! They also make an array of other fantastic motorcycle tires, so check 'em all out! Get one here!!!

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  1. Can anyone help me how the Firestone 3.00x21 compares to the new Allstate 2.75x21. I have seen some 3.00x21 look like a 2.75x21 with the right rim or WM0 1.50rim. Hmm, choices, with a WM0(Radaelli) rim I wonder which tire would look the best, Avon Speedmaster 3.00x21, Firestone(Coker) 3.00x21, or the Allstate 2.75x21? Any help would be much appreciated.