Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dice Issue 55 Out Now.

What can we say about Issue 55? Well, it's a lot like a... a
refrigerator! It's about six feet tall, 300 pounds. It also makes ice,
and um Oh, wait a minute! Actually, Issue 55 is more like a beer. It
smells good, it looks good, you'd step over your own mother just to
get one! But you can't stop at one, you wanna drink another...and another...
...So I says yeah, if you want that money come and find it, cuz I
don't know where it is you baloney! You make me wanna wretch!
This glorious issue is brought to you in collaboration with our good
friends at Eat Dust from Antwerp, Belgium. We have known Keith & Rob
for over 15 years and they are like brothers to us. And did you see
the cover? It was beautifuly painted by another good friend of ours,
the legendary, Nicolas Coleman!

That's not all either, because as you know, we always have a magazine
inside a magazine for double the pleasure. This time we have the
amazing Collectif, also from Belgium, it is a beautiful tome
about photography, motorcycles, skating, surfing and most importantly,

We kick this issue off with some beautiful photographs of Luke
MacMaster and his righteous Gen-Shovel. Oooh it hurts so good!
Photo: Troy Critchlow

What do you know about survivor bikes? This one is a beauty! Jeff
Leighton's pre-unit trumpet.
Photo: Troy Critchlow.

Cassandra is every mans dream. She is drop dead gorgeous, she rides a
Harley with a 6-over front end and she is building a Panhead chopper
just like the one her grandfather had back in the 1960's! Yikes!
Photo: Troy Critchlow

Pascal from Riff Raff leather is the man that personally hand makes
Lemmy's cowboy boots. Nuff said!
Photo: Troy Critchlow.

Last week I was in a bar with Bram De Roek and we decided to start a
One Direction cover band called Wrong Direction. I'm not going to give
too much away at this point, let's just say, keep your eyes peeled for
our new reality TV show.
Photo: Jelle Keppens.

6 pages that sum up those waffle eating, Juliper loving, denim
wearing, beautiful bastards from Eat Dust. Keith and Rob we love you.
Photo: Jelle Keppens

Grant got some great shots at last years Mooneyes show in
Yokohama with his 35mm film camera and we have them right here for you
to wrap your mince pies around.
Photo: Grant Peterson.

Nicke Svensson from Rigid Hips in Stockholm, Sweden, is the
man/myth/legend who is making new Speed-E-Shift set ups that are super
wicked. Get ready for the Nick-E-Shift!!
Photo: Nicke Svensson.

This Panhead is madder than a box of frogs...in a good way! All of the
parts were hand made by the owner, Travis McLelland in Vancouver,
Canada. It has so many neat details you could stare at it forever!

ARD magneto - check.
Kimtab magnesium wheels - check.
Twin disk Hurst airheart brakes - double check.
Roberts CB750 is titty balls.
Photo: Troy Critchlow.

Jeff Twa thought it was quite ironic when he put some petrol in his
bike and it came to $6.66 so he snapped a pic of it with his iPhone
for instagram. The ironic feeling turned to sadness when he kicked it
over and it belched flames back out of the carb and burnt the whole
bike to the ground. We are very happy to say that the bike is already
rebuilt and riding again.
Photo: Michael Schmidt

Speaking about the number 666, Troys annual Death Valley run is
exactly 666 miles round trip!
Photo: Troy Critchlow

This Knucklehead is called 'Octopussy' and it was built by NOISE
Cycles. It looks so good I could cry knowing I don't own it

Tuesday afternoons in Richmond California are crazier than every other
persons Saturday night.
Photo: Ken Nagahara.

I actually smoked this bike at Born Free last year. It has a bowl/pipe
welded into the frame and we loaded it with mind melting weed and I
took a hit. It got me well mash up.
Photo: Kris Bennett

Even though he plays really dodgy music, we still kind of like him.
Caleb at Cro Customs finally builds a bike with a sprung seat, even
though he has been talking shit about them for years.
Photo: Troy Critchlow.

Doug has ridden around the world a bunch of times on various bikes, as you do. A small part of his story is sitting neatly between the covers of issue 55. 
Get your copy today right H E R E.

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