Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wheeler's Place.

$1.00 per head.

Yes please.

Great bike, great hair.

Fuckin' signed Dave Man print. Signed and dedicated.

Some of his photo stills from old biker movies.

The bike Wheeler built featured on the 2nd ever cover of Easy Riders. Rigid forks!

baddest jacket around.

                                       1920's motorcycle shop, just kickin' it with your bros.

                                                               Cop bike with old "hot sheet"

"Hot Sheet" up close. If they pulled you over, they'd scroll this list to see if your license plate was on it. If so, you're in some shit.

                                                   18" radial laced spool, hidden axle.

Supercharged Shovel.

Older than dirt. 

Handlebar mounted change dispenser.

Wheeler's first bike, built in 1964. All bikes pictured in the wooden frames were built by him, and only represent about 10% of the bikes he's built. Nuts!

And his second bike.

This week I got to head over to Wheeler's place and get a good story for our grey beard page at the back of the issue. His will go in issue 53, can't wait to see it... epic stories you can't make up and a genuine legend of a man. Look out for this one! Thank you Wheeler!

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  1. Outstanding. How about half an issue of Dice just for this guy.